Dom Columba Marmion

Forty steps with Columba Marmion

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The Caldey Affair (1913–1914)

● 1913, 6/20 January: Abbot Marmion gives a retreat at the Erdington Abbey

● 1913, 10 February: He celebrates the Silver Jubilee of his monastic profession

● 1913, 21 February: The monks of Caldey Abbey (Wales) leave the Anglican Church

● 1913, 1/15 March: The first visit of Abbot Marmion to Caldey. He gives a retreat prior to the ‘abjuration’ of the Caldey Community and their official reception into the Catholic Church

● 1913, March: Maredsous Abbey receives the relic of a rib bone from the body of Saint Gerard; this is placed with great pomp in a remarkable reliquary made in the Art School of the Abbey

● 1913, 27 April/8 June: Abbot Marmion accompanies Abbot Aelred Carlyle of Caldey Abbey to Italy

● 1913, May: Benedictine Abbots meet in Rome to elect a new Primate, Dom Fidelis von Stotzingen. Abbot Marmion and Abbot Aelred are received in audience by Pope Pius X

● 1913, June: Dom Marmion attends the splendid celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Beuron Abbey

● 1913, 23 June/10 July: Abbot Marmion stays at Caldey Abbey for the second time

● 1913, 29 June: He celebrates the Solemn Mass at Caldey during which the community receive the habit and the canonical establishment of the monastery is finalised. He returns to Maredsous with Dom Aelred who starts his probationary year there

● 1913, 16/24 August: He attends the funeral and interment of Dom Hildebrand de Hemptinne in Beuron Abbey

● 1914, 1/23 January: Dom Marmion is in Ireland to give a retreat to the Trappists of Mount St. Joseph Abbey, Roscrea, and in England to finalise the statutes of Caldey

● 1914, 1/9 February: He gives the retreat to the nuns of Maredret Abbey

● 1914, March: The Chapter of Maredsous discuss the project of a foundation in Ireland

● 1914, 30/31 May: Canonical visitation of Maredsous by Dom Robert de Kerchove

● 1914, 6 June/9 June: Mgr Dwyer, ‘Marmion’s friend for always’, Bishop of Maitland, Australia visits Maredsous

● 1914, June: Dom Aelred Carlyle pronounces his Solemn Vows at Maredsous

● 1914, 15/28 June: Dom Marmion gives a retreat to the seminarians of Westminster diocese

● 1914, 5 July: The Abbot of Caldey, Dom Aelred Carlyle is ordained priest at Maredsous