Dom Columba Marmion

Towards to Canonisation

Recognition by the Church of a person’s holiness of life and the suitability of their character as an example for the People of God follows a long, critical procedure governed by strict rules. This takes the form of a process of Beatification that reaches culmination when the person is declared Blessed. A subsequent process of Canonisation may lead to a proclamation of their sainthood .

The process is started by an ‘Actor’ initiating the cause. In the case of Blessed Columba Marmion the Actor was the Abbey of Maredsous where Dom Columba lived, died and was buried. The Actor delegates responsibility for advancing the cause to a Postulator of the Cause. This individual gathers all the evidence about the life and character of the person concerned and evidence of favours obtained due to intercession. The Postulator is assisted by a number of Vice-Postulators appointed as considered necessary.

The Church proclaims Beatification after the heroic virtue of the person is recognised, i.e. their holiness, and, in addition, one miracle attributable to their intercession. The rules require that a second miracle attributed to the person already declared Blessed is recognised before proclaiming the person a Saint. Sainthood permits their cult to extend to the universal Church.

If a person has made a significant contribution to the understanding of the Faith or to the spiritual life of the faithful, they may be declared a Doctor of the Church.

The Courrier du Bienheureux Dom Columba Marmion gives up-to-date news of the progress of his Cause.